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Proud to be a leading Texas Medicare Supplements Agency

Texas Medicare supplement insurance (often called Medigap) allows you to protect yourself from the gaps left by traditional Medicare coverage.

Why You Need Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Part A and Part B were designed to help people with their health insurance needs once they had entered retirement. What many people do not realize is that neither of these two parts of Medicare covers all of your health expenses. Medicare Part A has a deductible of $1,156 and each of the services that it covers have either a copayment or coinsurance. The coinsurance costs are ongoing so there is no cap on these expenses to you. Medicare Part B has an annual deductible of $140 and coinsurance of 20%.

If you have or acquire a chronic condition that requires you see a doctor regularly you will continue to pay that 20% because it also has no cap. These provisions were necessary to make sure that the program was solvent, but it leaves seniors with on ongoing liability. Texas Medicare supplement plans were designed to help fill these liabilities so that seniors would not have to worry about where the money would come from in the event of health problems.

Differences for Each of the Texas Medicare Supplement Plans

There are ten different Texas Medicare supplement plans. These plans were derived by the federal government. Each plan is designated with a single letter. The letters used to go in order but as plans have been changed by the government new letters were added to the end. So there is no Plan I but there is a Plan N. Do not let this confuse you. What you need to know about each of the plans is that they have varying degrees to which they cover the gaps in your Medicare coverage. Plan F is the most comprehensive while Plan A covers the least number of gaps.

One nice feature of Texas Medicare supplement plans is that each plan is the same no matter which company you choose. So if you are comparing Plan G from AARP or Plan G from Humana you are looking at the exact same coverage. This allows you to shop for price with confidence.

Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates

The rates for any Texas Medicare supplement insurance can vary greatly between different carriers for the same individual. In fact, the price for a Medicare supplement can vary greatly for the same carrier between different locations. These rates are determined by age, location, gender, and health. Trying to give anyone a blanket price for Texas Medicare supplement insurance is really impossible. For example, if you are getting a Dallas Medicare supplement or a Houston Medicare supplement, even if they are the exact same plan, the prices can be very different.

The only way to know what the cost to you will be is for you to get a set of Medicare supplement quotes. These quotes can be customized to your needs to either try to meet a monthly budget or to ensure that you will never have to pay any more out of pocket than your monthly premiums. Either way one of our independent agents can help you customize a plan to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Medigap Quotes

The typical quote will include a variety of different plans from a group of the best priced carriers for your area. If you were looking for a set of quotes for a specific plan or if you are planning on moving you may have additional options (like choosing the best rate between a San Antonio Medicare supplement and an Austin Medicare supplement). You will want to communicate that to the agent that who is working with you. This is the biggest reason you want to work with an independent agent. Instead of getting pushed toward a single company, an independent agent will search the rates for all the companies in your area and allow you to select the company that works best for you. So if AARP is cheaper than Mutual of Omaha then you can rest assured that you will get both of those quotes and know you are getting the best deal. We are excited that you are using our site to gain information on Texas Medicare supplement plans and it would be our honor to continue to assist you in getting your quotes. You can get more information on each of the ten plans for Texas Medigap HERE.

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