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San Antonio Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans In San Antonio

If you are a senior who is on or going to be on Medicare and are living in the San Antonio area San Antonio Medicare supplement insurance may be the best option for you to complete your health insurance needs. The decision to go with a San Antonio Medigap plan is easy to make once you wade through all the information that is flowing around the Internet and probably showing up in your mailbox.

Why You Need San Antonio Medicare Supplement Insurance

Simply put Medicare has holes. These are often referred to as gaps in coverage. San Antonio Medicare supplement plans fill these gaps with private insurance coverage. These gaps may not affect you if you are generally healthy but if you already have or were to contract a chronic illness the costs can rack up pretty quickly. While there are multiple costs that can be charged the biggest two are the Coinsurance and Deductible for Medicare Part A and the Coinsurance for Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part A has a $1,156 deductible when you are admitted into the hospital. So you pay the first $1,156 and then they take care of the costs for the first 60 days you are in the hospital. If you go over the 60 days you start picking up some of the bill to the tune of $289 per day. If you go past day 90 it goes up to $578 per day. As you can see if you had a major injury or illness this gets very expensive very fast. With all San Antonio Medicare supplement plans you these charges will be covered.

Medicare Part B was designed to help with doctor visits and outpatient services. You have a small deductible of $140 per year and then you are responsible for 20% of the Medicare approved charges. If you end up with or have a condition that requires you go to the doctor every week or twice a month you could really rack up some charges. San Antonio Medicare supplement insurance will allow you to not worry about those charges because you will only pay a low monthly premium. This is the big advantage with San Antonio Medicare supplement plans; you know exactly what you are paying each month. There are no surprises.

Costs of San Antonio Medicare Supplement Plans

With San Antonio Medigap plans it is difficult to give you a blanket statement as to what it will cost you each month. Because the age, gender, and health are different for each person the rates can be very different for each person. The rates can also change by zip code and even more by city. So if you had a person that wanted an Austin Medicare Supplement but moved and needed to get a Houston Medicare Supplement or a Dallas Medicare supplement, even though it is the same person, the rate may change. The only way to know is to get a custom set of San Antonio Medicare supplement insurance quotes. You can do this by filling out the form on the side of this page. It would be our honor to help you decide what is the best San Antonio Medigap plan is the right one for you.

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